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A coalition of neighbors from 42nd Street to 23rd Street, from the East River to the garment district.


Murray Hill is fully saturated with homeless shelters. 

This map represents the number of shelters in and around the historic neighborhood of Murray Hill. The city of New York has announced its intention to install a permanent homeless shelter for 350+ people in the former Renwick Hotel on East 40th Street, between Lexington and Park Avenues. It would be one of the largest shelters in New York City. No data points or studies were provided, and there was no notification to local residents and businesses.


The Renwick Hotel could be the next Hotel Lucerne debacle.

  • The density of homeless shelters and public sites in the neighborhood has already overwhelmed the area with serious crime, including felonies, and other safety issues. 

  • Under the "Fair Share" policy required by law, the Department of Homeless Services must provide current information showing the percentage of shelters and other public facilities in NYC neighborhoods. The information was provided only after DHS blindsided the community with its plan, and its hastily prepared report was filled with errors, miscalculations, and omissions.

  • No environmental impact or other studies have been done.


Everyone who lives or works in the neighborhood wants to create safe space for NYC's homeless population. Many of us volunteer to help our homeless neighbors and have welcomed them into our neighborhood. But as the map indicates, Murray Hill has been unduly burdened.


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The former Renwick Hotel, built in 1928, was once home to authors John Steinbeck and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

It does not have landmark status.

Screen Shot 2020-11-25 at 8.29.30 PM.png

(Interactive Map)

Map updated

The map shows locations of both temporary and permanent homeless shelters in Community District 5 (red) and Community District 6 (yellow). The size of each circle is proportionate to the size of the shelter population. Click here or on the map and then on a circle to see the number of residents in each location.


Permanent Shelters

Bellevue Men's Shelter

Help Meyer
Jack Ryan Residence

Harmonia Hotel (Chandler)

Susan's Place, 32nd Street Women's Shelter

Zawadi House

New Providence Women's Shelter


WIN West Women's Shelter

CCS Manhattan Hotel

Kenmore Hall

Mave Hotel

Clarion Hotel

Prince George

Temporary Shelters

Pod 39
Vanderbilt YMCA

Marcel Hotel
Lexington Hotel

Homeless & Supportive Services

Olivieri Drop-in Center
Main Chance Drop-In Center

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